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Real Estate & Estate Planning Attorney in Cook County, Illinois

Paul Prybylo

Attorney at Law

Paul Prybylo began practicing law over 40 years ago because he was passionate about helping his clients. He loves the area of real estate because his grandfather taught him the value of real estate law, and he considers it a happy area of law to practice because he gets to close the deal for his clients. He works hard to make his clients content and secure their satisfaction for a lifetime. He is proud that the grandchildren of previous clients now come to him when they need a real estate attorney or other legal matters. He enjoys serving clients in Cook County, Chicago, Oak Park, and the neighboring areas throughout Illinois.


Choosing a Real Estate Firm that Works for You

We support clients when buying or selling a home with our experienced counsel. We are skilled in commercial and residential housing markets and keep your real estate transactions going smoothly and moving on schedule.


We accompany you in person to closings, and we will help you coordinate with all the parties involved. Our attorney will evaluate the title. We expertly review your documents and record and disburse your funds. It pays to have a real estate attorney on your side.

Commercial Real Estate

With our extensive preparation for your commercial sale, we are with you every step of the way so that every detail is handled carefully. We review the contracts and the contingencies when purchasing commercial property so you can relax.

Residential Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the most monumental decisions you can experience. We are with you at every stage to represent your best interests and guide you through the multi-step real estate transaction process. We help clients all over Illinois in the residential vicinities of Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties.

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Here to Help Make Legal Processes Feel Less Stressful

At Hesik~Prybylo Law Offices, we are with you at all phases of your life. Our attorney is devoted to helping you with real estate matters. We share our detailed knowledge with clients going through the purchasing process because we understand how it can be stressful and come with many variables. Our attorney is also a staunch advocate for a deed transfer and assisting with a residential or commercial lease. We can also help if one of your properties has a boundary dispute. Our firm is in Cook County, Illinois, but we extend our reach to serve clients in DuPage, Will, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties.

As a full-service law firm, our attorney also assists families in creating a will or a trust. Estate planning is not only for the wealthy but for everyone and will help you protect your family’s future. We also can assist with drafting a power of attorney to transfer decision-making power in the event of an illness, busy schedule, travel abroad, or other life events that make it challenging for you to make informed decisions about important issues. We understand how critical it is to resolve your legal issues swiftly and professionally. We strive to remove the burden from your shoulders and work hard to build long-lasting relationships.